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Yaz - Only You

Updated: Apr 17

I am not sure if I mentioned this before, but I fucking LOVE music. I was about 7 years old when I fell in love with music. I knew I always wanted to do something related to music. I needed to. Watching WKRP on CBS as a kid, I fell in love with radio. I was blown away that there was a job where I could play music, talk music, and make people laugh. I was good at radio; it was natural for me. There is not a day that goes by where I don't wish all of that was still a thing. Radio is a dying (dead) industry; broadcasting pays nothing, and you can get music everywhere (that is a good thing). I miss the thrill of hearing a song on the radio for the first time, a DJ telling me who sings it, and watching it on the charts. I miss Casey Kasem, Friday Night Videos, and record stores.

My song of the day today is Yaz (Yazoo) and "Only You." I can't remember what station I heard this song on in 1982, but I bet it was the great WLS. "Only You" is one of those songs that grabs me every time I hear it. Alison Moyet's vocals are simple but cutting. There are voice cracks, passion, and honesty in those lyrics. "All I needed was the love you gave, All I needed for another day, And all I ever knew, Only you." This song is more than a love song for me; it's a freaking time machine. I get this feeling of wanting to grab the Delorian and race back to a time when things made sense, people cared, music was not the same beat over and over again, and DJs played your favorite tunes. Why can't we go back?

My wife watched the awful ABC show Once Upon A Time (Don't hate me, it is awful), and in the later episodes, they used "Only You" many times. I did not care how bad the show was. I stopped to hear Alison's amazing voice and took in a minute to listen to this amazing song.

"Only You" is my dedication to MUSIC. "Only You" can get me through the hardest and darkest days; "Only You" can change my mood in a heartbeat, and "Only You" is always there when I need you. I wish I could spend my days working with music again in some way, but it is 2024, and that seems damn near impossible.

Thank You, Music.


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