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  • Jimmy

Van Halen - Jump

Do you need a kick in the ass? I know I do. The Song of the Day is a classic from one of the best rock bands ever, and is that kick in the ass! Van Halen released this #1 track as the lead single from 1984. What an album! It is packed with hits, DLR, and awesome videos. I had the 45 of Jump, and I wore that thing out. Eddie Van Halen was a genius, an absolute genius. I still get sad when I think of how soon we lost him. 1984 at the time was the last record with David Lee Roth, and what an album to leave on (at the time).

I still remember WGN using Jump at the beginning of Cubs baseball back in the day. I would go out in the front of the house and pitch against the stairs. The television was cranked, and when I heard Jump, I knew it was time for Cubs baseball.

I need a kick in the ass right now. I need a song to jump-start me. I need this song! Eddie Van Halen, we miss you!



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