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Tracy Chapman - Give Me One Reason

Happy Hump Day!

Today's Song of the Day is a #3 hit and Grammy-winning song from 1997. Tracy Chapman has one of the most incredible soulful voices on the planet. We all know her first big hit, Fast Car, which had a rebirth thanks to Luke Combs, but today's track was just as significant. You could not go anywhere in 1997 without hearing this track.

"Give Me One Reason" is an emotional song begging the other half of a relationship for just one reason to stay together. Have you ever been in a relationship on the rocks, but you beg, plead, and pray for just one reason to keep trying? I think we have all been there.

Tracy Chapman's voice settles me, puts me in a calm place, and makes me realize it will all be ok. Tracy is one of those reasons I LOVE MUSIC.


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