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The Jets - Crush On You

The year is 1986, and a young Jimmy was the DJ at the 8th-grade dance. The song of the moment was this classic from The Jets. I begged my Mom to let me get the 45 to spin at the dance. After doing my chores, we went to the mall, and I scored the single. I remember dreaming over and over again of dropping the needle and all my classmates hitting the gym floor to the recognizable synth hook. I thought my 8th-grade crush would look at me differently that day. I got half of the dream correct, as my classmates were dancing when the drum machine started at the beginning of the song. My crush, well, she was dancing with someone else. Crush On You hit #3 on the Hot 100, making it one of The Jet's biggest tracks. This song has a way of making anyone feel good. I can't understand why this track never reached the top, but sometimes the music is funny that way. The track that blocked The Jets from reaching the top was On My Own by Patti LaBelle and Michael McDonald.

My crush did sign the 16th page of my autograph book, but that was about it. This song has always been in my heart since my class had eyes on me, and I was glad I did not disappoint. For the record, I still remember her name.

Music always makes me feel better when I am down, and Crush On You is one of my go-to tracks. I miss 80s music, malls, radio, and crushes.

Long live 80s music and crushes.


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