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The Cure - Boys Don't Cry

It is hard to imagine today's Song of the Day was released in 1979; I was only 7. I feel The Cure is a band I have always known, but I did not start getting into this band until 1985. I used to dabble in the New Wave genre, but it took some time before The Cure and I started our relationship.

It's a beautiful day here, and I feel all this angst. I feel I am starting to tire of keeping everything inside and together. Have you ever felt that way? Like you are just about to let it all out, all the pain and sadness you have been holding in for years, ALL OF IT. Boys Don't Cry is one of the songs that sums up these feelings. I feel that I have been holding in a good cry going back to when my father passed away almost 23 years ago. Life changed for me back then; I was carefree, living and doing my things. Once my dad passed, I went right into taking care of my mom since his last words were to take care of my mom for him; there was no time to cry. Boys, Don't Cry; you see.

I have so many life stories surrounding The Cure. The crush who loved Just Like Heaven, playing Friday I'm In Love on the radio and always sending it out to someone, and Love Song just takes me back to High School and my senior year. The Cure is timeless band; the songs are a soundtrack to my life. Robert Smith reminds me that Boys Don't Cry, but maybe right now it's OK, just this once. Loss sucks, but music is my salvation and always has been. April just needs to end.



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