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The Beatles - Help!

I was cranking some Beatles yesterday, and this song came to mind for some reason. When I was young, I hated The Beatles; I could not stand them. I had a friend in high school who worshiped this band. The more he talked about them, the more I hated them. It took me until my 20s when I finally started appreciating these musical geniuses. I am now in my early 50s (ick) and own almost everything they ever put out. I want to find young Jimmy and smack him in the face.

I picked "Help!" as today's song because sometimes we all could use some help. I have had driving issues on and off for about 8 years now. It seems to coincide with my hearing loss in my left ear. I get awful panic attacks sometimes when driving, and they suck. Every time I think they are gone, they come roaring back. I was telling a friend yesterday that I thought they were gone after 3 months of vision therapy, but just like that, they came back. Have you ever had panic attacks? If so, can you help? I am exhausted trying to figure them out.


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