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Genesis - That's All

Updated: Apr 7

"That's All" was the third single from Genesis's self-titled 1983 release. Long recognized as the band's move to Pop, it hit #6 on the Hot 100. The song is about the emotional journey of a breakup or relationship doom. "That's All" is one of those songs I hated as a kid; it could be because the local video channel (channel 66, for those who remember) would show the video almost every hour. It was not until I started working in radio that I began to find the charm of this track. It was a staple at the AC station I worked at in Bloomington, Normal, IL. I have always been a massive fan of Phil and Genesis. Phil Collins always had a fantastic way of writing songs about the end of a relationship and the sadness that goes with it. Could it be that Phil has been divorced three times?

I am off to sled down Phil Collins Mountain to check my fax machine.


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