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Technotronic - Move This

It's a feel-good favorite of mine today on the Song of the Day. I am a sucker for late 80s Dance Pop, and there were so many great tracks that came out during this time. Technotronic scored some huge hits from the late 80s release "Pump Up the Jam." A young Jimmy Knight in 1992 would play this song at KQIZ and dance in the studio window for all to see. "Move This" is a pure jam, a total pick me up. It reached #6 on the Hot 100, but is a #1 song in my heart.

As I have mentioned many times before, music changed in the early 90s, and Dance Pop took a back seat to Alternative Rock. Technotronic released two more albums, "Body to Body" in 1992 and "Recall" in 1995, both of which failed to chart big.

I will always remember KQIZ and dancing in the windows 30+ years ago. If you love classic Dance Pop, head over to The Variety Station.


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