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Stevie B. - I Wanna Be The One

It's Friday, and I have a solid jam lined up today.

Steven Bernard Hill, Stevie B, the freestyle king, was all over Top 40 radio in 1988/89. Stevie's second release, "In My Eyes," featured today's Song of the Day, "I Wanna Be The One." This was the lead single from the album, and this track was in heavy rotation on Z-95 and B96 in Chicago. I remember running out to Soundwarehouse to grab the 45, which I wore out.

"I Wanna Be The One" was only a #32 hit on the Hot 100, but this is a solid #1 in my heart. In 1994, I worked at KQIZ in Amarillo, and our afternoon drive DJ, the late Eric Michaels, convinced our PD to let him cart (radio term) this one up and add it to our rotation. It made me so happy the first time I was lying by the pool, and I heard this one on the station. I would save phone calls to play on the air for when this one came up in rotation—a pure radio song.

I am a huge Stevie B. fan. If you have a chance, listen to his Greatest Hits CD. You will not be disappointed with hits like Spring Love, Because I Love You (The Postman Song) and In My Eyes.

Crank your crappy computer speakers up for this one.


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