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Sonia Dada - You Don't Treat Me No Good No More

It was a classic when I was a Hot 102.3 WXLC in 1992. In the early 1990s, the music scene was a vibrant mix of grunge, hip-hop, and pop, with new artists and bands constantly emerging to leave their mark. Amidst this diverse musical landscape, Sonia Dada, a band that seamlessly blended rock, soul, and R&B, burst onto the scene with their self-titled debut album. One track from this album, "You Don't Treat Me No Good No More," became a standout hit, capturing the hearts of listeners with its soulful lament of unrequited love and mistreatment. I vividly remember my time at Hot 102.3; radio was fun, upbeat, engaging, and a dream come true. This song is a staple in my WXLC Soundtrack. The station is now Country, and was not Hot for a long time. It was a legendary CHR, and many local radio people worked there. I am glad to be one of them. If you like to hear tunes from back in the day, check out The Variety Station.


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