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Six Flags Fun

Hey there,

It's Jimmy here with my first post on the new site and blog. I am trying something new, and I am not going to talk just about music but all things Jimmy. It has been a hard 3+ years for me, but I am trying to find Jimmy.

I had not been to Six Flags Great America since 2014, when we took the boy. The boy was 6 and really had no chance at riding anything fun. The time before that was 2005, and they were just building Goliath.

Yesterday was another in a long list of days when I feel 50 and just old. Goliath was excellent, but I closed my eyes on the drop! I have never done that on a ride before. The park has changed but still has the charm of my youth. I will always miss the Tidal Wave, Sky Whirl, Trams, Recording Studio, and the Shooting Gallery.

I was finally able to enjoy a family day for the first time in a long time, and boy was it needed. The kids had a fantastic day, and I will never forget riding the Eagle with my girl! It was nice to feel a little bit like the old Jimmy again.

I dedicate this first post to my Mommy. She was always the one that made sure my sister and I got to Great America at least once a year. She was always there for us, and no matter how tired she was, she would stay until closing every time. I took a moment yesterday and looked where the Sky Whirl used to be and had a laugh about the time she got sick mid-ride.

I miss her so much.

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