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Shanice - I Love Your Smile

It's a #2 hit from 1991 that will surely put a grin on your face!

I love fun and upbeat songs that change your mood in a flash. In 1991, this singer from Pittsburgh released this bonified JAM! Shanice's first album "Discovery" did not have much chart success, but her second album, "Inner Child," produced today's Song of the Day. "I Love Your Smile" is just a fun love song. With an infectious groove and a classic Motown style, it skyrocketed to #2 on the Hot 100 and #1 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop charts. I never understood why Top 40 radio removed the Rap version of the song back in the day. It was a fun little rap and, in my opinion, completed this track.

Shanice should have had more success on the charts in the U.S., but she only managed four Top 40 hits over the years. If you need a smile, check out the video below. The song and Shanice's AMAZING smile will change your mood like mine.

Want to hear a radio station that plays the full rap version? Check out The Variety Station!


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