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Paula Abdul - Opposites Attract

Today's Song of the Day is one of my favorite tunes from 1989!

Paula Abdul's debut album, Forever Your Girl, was an artist's most successful debut record at its release. The RIAA has certified it 7X platinum. It scored four #1 hits, a #3 hit, and one stiff, as we like to call it, that hit #41 (which was the first single) on the Hot 100.

Today's song "Opposites Attract" was the sixth and final single from this juggernaut of an album. It raced up to #1, which helped the album climb back to the top spot on the Hot 200. The song is a simple tale of a couple falling in love despite having nothing in common. With catchy lyrics and a great video, no wonder the track was a massive hit. The track is a duet with the Wild Pair and features a rap by the cartoon character MC Skat Kat. If you owned the album as I did, you probably would have been disappointed that this version was not on the album. If you wanted the video version at the time, you had to buy the 12" single (like I did). Luckily, Paula put this version on her Greatest Hits, released in 2000. I used to smoke when this song was out, and my crush (mentioned here) used to sing the lyric "Jim likes to smoke" when the song came on the radio. I gave up that nasty habit a couple of years later, and I am glad to say it has been almost 30 years since I had a cig.

If you want to relive the 80s and 90s, check out The Variety Station.


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