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P.M. Dawn - Looking Through Patient Eyes

Nothing brings me back to my Hot 102.3 WXLC days like today's track from P.M. Dawn. "Looking Through Patient Eyes" was released in 1993 as the second single from their second album, "The Bliss Album...? (Vibrations of Love and Anger and the Ponderance of Life and Existence)." The song features a laid-back, introspective vibe with poetic lyrics, characteristic of P.M. Dawn's style. It's a reflective piece that explores themes of love, longing, and understanding, inviting listeners to see the world through patient eyes and take in life's complexities with empathy and compassion. This song and the Coke commercial (those who played it will remember it) bring me back to a time of my life I miss greatly. I have been looking through patients' eyes for a long time, and my patience is running out. Change is a good thing!


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