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Natural Selection - Do Anything

Today's Song of the Day is one of my favorite songs. I played it on Hot 102.3 WXLC (The Hot Spot) in 1992. Natural Selection consisted of members Fred Brown, De'borah (Debbie) Smith, and Fred Simon. They were known for their energetic dance tracks and catchy melodies. "Do Anything" is what I like to call a FUN JAM. Released in 1991, the track came one spot shy of the top spot on the Hot 100. The song is about doing whatever it takes to win someone's love. With lyrics like "Make it smooth to the groove like sandwich bread," it is not a lyrical masterpiece but a fun song.

The band was not a one-hit-wonder, although some FM Stations play the track on one-hit-wonder weekends. The follow-up "Hearts Don't Think (They Feel)" hit #28, but that was it for the band. "Do Anything" will always be in my playlist on The Variety Station. Check it out here.


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