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Madonna - Crazy For You

Happy Saturday!

The Song of the Day today is my favorite by Madonna. Released in 1985 as a single from the Soundtrack to Vision Quest, this ballad by Madonna hit #1 on the Top 100. I must admit that I have never seen the movie, but I do own the soundtrack.

I was only 13 when this amazing song came out; I was figuring out crushes and girls. I had a major crush on this girl, but she wanted nothing to do with me. I was starting to understand heartbreak and rejection. "Crazy For You" spoke to me on many levels. I was a radio nerd, and I can remember hearing waiting for this tune to pop on WLS. Madonna proved with this song that she could score a #1 with a power ballad.

I love Madonna's music; her early stuff is part of our lives. If you want to hear all of it, please check out The Variety Station.


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