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Jimmy's Music Collection - Day 21

I have not been able to jam over the past week. The new EQ I hooked up three weeks ago died. WTF? The good news is the replacement came a day early, and I could sneak one in today.

I was finally able to listen to Midnights by Taylor Swift. Honestly, I was not too excited about all the hoopla around this release. My copy came last Friday on an excellent Moonstone Blue Marble record. I was so happy to give it a spin today, finally! My first take is that this is not meant to be a hitmaker on Top 40 radio. I love that about Taylor. Sure, FM radio will pick up some singles on the album. Anti-hero looks to be the single they are pushing, but my money would be on Karma being a more significant Top 40 hit. It's a good listen. I admire Taylor; she writes and sings, and releases. She is truly dedicated to her craft.

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