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Jimmy's Music Collection Day 13

Happy Monday! I couldn't get an album this weekend; too many things are going on. I also spent some time working on imaging for

I was in the greatest hits mood today! I was excited to hear one of them but then very disappointed. Away we go! September 26, 2022

Matchbox Twenty - Exile On Mainstream

I have always been a big fan of Matchbox Twenty and 20 (LOL). I also love Rob's solo work.

It's a greatest hits, so no need to list them here.

Format: Vinyl - CD

Brian McKnight - Greatest Hits

I had been looking forward to this spin for days. Brian McKnight is a voice that always calms me down. When I first played One Last Cry at Z-104, I was intoxicated by his voice.

Now the bad news! This is re-recorded hits, so..... BAD BAD BAD. I am not a massive fan of when an artist puts out the greatest hits re-recorded. BOO.

Format: Vinyl

Daryl Hall John Oates - The Very Best Of

I had to get the last spin out of my mind. I knew what to go to. H&O has never let me down. Not re-recorded, and just the best of H&O. This album has it all, so worth it! The vinyl is a beautiful White and Blue. So amazing!


Format: Vinyl - CD

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