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Jimmy's Music Collection - 11.17.2022

I was all over the place with the tunes today!

"Weird" Al Yankovic - "Weird" Al Yankovic

I found this one in a box of old cassettes, and it still sounded great. This was our introduction to Al. Please check out The "Weird" Al movie on the Roku Channel.

Format: Cassette

​Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band - Greatest Hits

This album contains all the best hits from Bob and the band. It is genuinely a Greatest Hits compilation.

Hits: Night Moves, Roll Me Away, Hollywood Nights, Old Time Rock & Roll, Turn The Page, Hollywood Nights & more.

Format: Vinyl - CD

Billy Vera & The Beaters - By Request

Thanks to an episode of Family Ties, the world was introduced to At This Moment. What a song and moment of T.V. This is a fun album, but no other big hits.

Format: Vinyl

Depeche Mode - Construction Time Again

The third release from this New Wave band gave us Everything Counts, a favorite of mine.

Format: Vinyl

Europe - The Final Countdown

Long before this tune was used in commercials, The Final Countdown was a #8 album, and gave us the Title track was a #8 hit, and Carrie hit #3.

Hits: Title Track, Carrie, Rock The Night, Cherokee

Format: Vinyl

Hootie & The Blowfish - Cracked Rear View

This debut from 1995 is packed with hits. I love Darius Rucker's solo work and this band. Radio tried to make every track a hit. This ushered in a new sound in radio called "Hootie Rock."

Hits: Hold My Hand, Time, Only Wanna Be With You, Let Her Cry, Drowning.

Format: Vinyl - CD

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