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Jimmy's Music Collection - 11.16.2022

I was in a mood to mix things up today. I crossed many genres, including

New Wave, Hip-Hop, Pop.

Duran Duran - Duran Duran

This band burst on the scene in 1981 and was a part of the New Wave revolution in the early 1980s.

Hits: Girls On Film, Planet Earth, Carless Memories.

Format: Vinyl - CD

​The Go-Go's - Talk Show?

The third release from this rocking group of women was not a huge success. It only scored the huge hit Head Over Heals.

Format: Vinyl

​Amy Grant - Heart In Motion

In 1990 Amy Grant had huge success crossing over into the Pop charts. The album has sold over 5 Million copies since it was released.

Hits: Baby Baby, Every Heartbeat, Good For Me, That's What Love Is For, I Will Remember You.

Format: Vinyl - CD

The Sugar Hill Gang - Greatest Hits

The band only has one huge hit on the US Charts. Rapper's Delight was the first Rap tune on the Billboard Top 40.

Hits: Rapper's Delight, Apache

Format: Vinyl

​a-ha - hunting high and low

This debut album is from the New Wave band out of Norway, which produced one of the best music videos ever. The band is considered a One Hit Wonder, but that is not true.

Hits: Take On Me, The Sun Always Shines On T.V. (#20 in 1985)

Format: Vinyl - CD

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