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Jimmy's Music Collection - 11.08.2022

Happy Election Day! I needed some upbeat tunes today as I am a bit sticky!

Here we go!

Foo Fighters - The Essential

I love the Foo Fighters. It took me years to be a fan, but over the past 20 years, I have grown to love and appreciate this band.

Hits: It's called The Essential for a reason :).

Format: Vinyl

​Madonna - Finally Enough Love #1's Remixed.

Madonna, I love her but am also tired of her. The music will always be what I remember of Madonna. This one has a bunch of cool remixed hits and is a FUN listen.

Hits - Well, they say #1s, so all?

Format: Vinyl

Jody Watley - Jody Watley

Released in 1987 this was a smash on Day 1. I love Jody; she has a new Christmas single coming out soon. This debut has 3 TOP 10 hits.

Hits: Looking For A New Love, Some Kind Of Lover, Don't You Want Me.

Format: Vinyl

Michael Jackson - BAD

What an album from the King Of Pop. I am a massive fan of the music, but not the man. I was sad when he passed, as I was hoping he would become the King again.

Hits: Title Track, I Just Can't Stop Loving You, Smooth Criminal, Man In The Mirror, The Way You Make Me Feel, Dirty Diana.

Format: Vinyl, CD, Cassette


What an album. This one always brings me back to my freshman year. It's a solid album and holds up to this day.

Hits: Need You Tonight, New Sensation, Devil Inside, Never Tear Us Apart.

Format: Vinyl, CD

Mariah Carey - Mariah Carey

June 1990 changed music forever. The first time I heard this voice, I was hooked. What a talent, what a range. This was a freaking SMASH from day one.

Hits: Vision Of Love, I Don't Wanna Cry, Someday, Love Takes Time.

Format: Vinyl, CD

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