• Jimmy

Jann Arden - Insensitive

Happy Monday!

It was back to work for me today, and it gave me a case of the Monday Blues. I started thinking about the songs I would listen to during breakups and heartache. So this week I am picking those tunes, but with a positive vibe... I promise.

First up is this classic tune from Jann Arden's 1994's Living Under June album. I was going thru a real hard breakup back then, and Jann's Insensitive was one of the many tunes that helped me thru that one. Check out these lyrics...

"Oh, I really should have known

By the time you drove me home

By the vagueness in your eyes, your casual good-byes

By the chill in your embrace

The expression on your face told me

Maybe, you might have some advice to give

How to be insensitive, insensitive ooh, insensitive"

These lyrics just hit hard back then. Jann scored a number 12 hit with Insensitive in 1994.

Smile... I am glad that breakup happened.