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I write this tonight with a heavy heart, happiness, and anger. I have been thru the ringer for the past two + years. My mom was sick and then ended up passing this past spring. It is tough to watch the rock of your family waste away and then leave this earth. I spent the past 4 months cleaning our family home and then getting it up for sale. My heavy heart is due to hopefully getting close to an offer.

I am also happy for my buddy Ike Avelli as he continues to get his comedy out there and the new Podcast he will be on. I met Ike over a year ago when I was a host on the same podcast. Ike is the real deal, and his comedy is funny and far from most that are out there. I wish Ike the best in his new endeavor. Check out Ike's website for dates and all the shows he appears on.

I am not sure if I am angry or still just sad about something that happened a year ago. I would say sadly, due to the loss of a friendship and an outlet that I truly enjoyed. I had to make the choice to quit due to some pretty mean things being said about me and then an insensitive comment. I am most angry about the fact that I was never able to speak my side of the story or offered an apology.

Long story short, I have been hurting for a long time, and I can finally see an end to all the sadness, loss, and anger. I am hoping at the end of this long road, there is something waiting for me. I would love to find something that I can jump into that allows me to use my talent and equipment and help me find ME.

More to come... I hope! Jimmy

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