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Huey Lewis & The News - Couple Days Off

The Song of the Day for Today is from one of my favorite artists of ALL time. "Couple Days Off" comes to us from the band out of San Francisco. If you had to name the top artists of the 80s, Huey Lewis & The News should be in the Top 10. With hits like "Heart and Soul," "Do You Believe In Love," "The Heart of Rock & Roll," "The Power of Love," and many more, Huey Lewis & The News had a decade of mega success.

I have mentioned before that music changed in the 1990s, and the success of the 1980s was in the rearview mirror for most of my favorite artists. Hard at Play was the band's sixth studio album. Released in 1991, it was met with mild reception, only hitting #27 on the Billboard 200.

"Couple Days Off" would be the boy's last Top 20 hit, stalling out at #11 in 1991. The song is simply about needing just a couple of days off. It's amazing. In 1991, I used to sing this song with such conviction. I was a young guy trying to make it in the world of radio, working all the time, driving all over the place, and broke, but doing what I loved. The funny thing is I was happy what I would not give for a "Couple Days Off" these days.

Hard At Play had another mild A/C hit in "It Hit Me Like A Hammer," but that is a song for another day. As I revisit Hard At Play, I am reminded how much I love this band and this album. I appreciate the album format in this world of the 2:30 single! In 2018, Huey Lewis announced that he had to cancel all upcoming tour dates. It was revealed that he suffers from a rare hearing disorder known as Ménière's disease. I have been dealing with the same issue since 2017; Ménière's disease causes one to lose hearing in one or both ears, along with roaring tinnitus. Music does not sound the same, and singing it is damn near impossible. I, for one, wish Huey the best and pray we find a cure! Those suffering from this disease could use more than a Couple of Days Off.


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