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Calling Doc Brown

Happy Sunday from The Variety Station bunker!

I have been dealing with many emotions for the past four months. I was hoping that they would calm down, but for some reason, they are getting stronger. I know many are due to the loss of my Mom, but these new emotions are just odd. I have an overwhelming feeling that I wish I were back in High School.

I know nobody wishes to return to that awkward time in life, but taking my boy to pick all his Freshman year gear made me happy and sad. I have said for many years that I was born at the wrong time. I saw all the cool things the boy would have at his School, which made me sad and jealous. Stupid ass emotions.

I wish I were a better student, in better shape, and well, hell, I Wanna Go Back.

In the great words of Eddie Money, I wanna go back and do it all over, but I can't go back, I know.

These feelings will pass as I work on 2022 Jimmy and forget 1986 Jimmy.

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