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Glenn Frey - The Heat Is on

The heat is on all across America this week. To continue with the heat theme, I have picked a good one for today.

Glenn Frey gave us the amazing 1984 hit from the Beverly Hills Cop Soundtrack. "The Heat Is On" is one of the massive hits from this amazing soundtrack. It failed to reach the top spot on the Hot 100 as it stalled at #2. I wonder if the track will appear in the new sequel that will be released on Netflix.

We lost Glenn in 2016 at the young age of 67. He was an amazing artist with the Eagles and his solo work. "The Heat Is On" remains one of his most popular songs, but this is by far my favorite from his solo catalog. We will cover that one day down the road; until then... Stay Cool.

Check out The Variety Station, as we play more Glenn Frey than most music stations.


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