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Gene Pitney - Only Love Can Break A Heart

As I continue highlighting some of my late father's favorite tunes this week, I would not be a good son if I did not include a classic from Gene Pitney. I don't know how my Dad felt about Gene; my family would make fun of him when he wore his "Gene Pitney" sweaters. We used to have many Pitney albums until my mom tossed them. Today's Song of the Day was released in 1962, so I had not even thought of it yet, but I do remember hearing my Dad play this record. The track hit #10 on the Hot 100 and is Gene's most well-known hit, written by Hal David and the great Burt Bacharach. Since my mom tossed all of the records, I have to relive these classics via streaming services, but the music still matters. I do wish I had the records. Missing you, Big Mike, and those damn sweaters.


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