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Five for Fighting - 100 Years

Back on a Tuesday after a lovely long three-day weekend. It was the normal rain off and on Memorial Day Weekend in Chicago, but Saturday was just picture-perfect.

Today's Song of the Day is from one of my favorite artists, Five for Fighting (John Ondrasik). "100 Years" was a #1 Adult Contemporary hit and #28 on the Hot 100 in 2003. The song is all about reflecting on the various stages of life. The story starts at 15 when you are not an adult yet but think you are. It ends when you are 99 for a moment, dying for just another moment. This song has always spoken to me; it is so beautiful and haunting at the same time. I have always had a hard time with how fast time flies by, how everything is just a moment. As I get older, I try to savor the moments.

I have been reflecting on life lately. I lost my dad when he was just 55, and his dad passed at 53. My son is 15 for a moment, and my daughter is 13 for a moment, and today, I am now 52 for a moment. What the hell happened to 51? What happened to 41, 31, 21? I hope I have another 48 in me.

If you love hits from Five for Fighting, please listen to The Variety Station today!



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