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Firehouse - Don't Treat Me Bad

The Heavy Metal family lost a great one last week when C.J. Snare passed away. Firehouse arrived towards the end of the Heavy Metal / Glam Metal era, but what an impact they had. They had many memorable hits in a short time, including today's break-out hit "Don't Treat Me Bad."

In early 1991, WFYR in Chicago flipped formats to a Heavy Metal format named WWBZ The Blaze. One of the staples early on the station was this classic hit by Firehouse. "Don't Treat Me Bad" hit #19 on the Hot 100, but it is one of the staple songs from the boys. The track was #1 on the Mainstream Rock Charts and would pave the way for future hits from the band. After hearing the tune on The Blaze, I ran right out to get the self-titled debut and was not disappointed.

Firehouse racked up tons of airplay with hits like Love of a Lifetime #5, When I Look Into Your Eyes #8, and I Live My Life For You #26. They were a badass band that sadly arrived right before the huge music shift in the 90s.

Thanks for the tune, C.J. you will be missed.


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