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Day 9 Jimmy's Music Collection

Happy Tuesday! It was a hot one in IL today and humid. I was at an outing with some of my team, and it was a fun team building day. It got me to thinking about what to listen to today. I went with team or GROUPS. I was only able to get four in today, but may take this them into the rest of the week.

September 20, 2022

Nirvana - Nevermind

I decided to get today going with one of my favorite albums from the 90s. We all know this album changed music with a snap. We also know about Kurt Cobain's tragic ending. I just listened to the music, and damn it still holds up.

Hits: Smells Like Teen Spirit, Come As You Are, In Bloom.

Format: Vinyl - CD

Journey - Raised On The Radio

I am an '80s kid. Journey and Steve Perry helped form my musical tastes. Raised on the Radio had 3 top 20 hits.

Hits: Girl Can't Help It, I'll Be Alright Without You, Suzanne. I love the non-hit Be Good To Yourself, and we should.

Format: Vinyl - CD

The Beatles - Let It Be

What can I say about the 12th Beatles album that has not been already said. NOTHING, hell I am not stupid. This is the first Beatles album on my journey, and it won't be the last.

Hits: Title track, Get Back, The Long and Winding Road.

Format: Vinyl - CD

The Outfield - Play Deep

I saddens me that both Tony Lewis and John Spinks are gone. I have loved The Outfield since the first time I heard Say It Isn't So.

There will be more Outfield in this long journey. If you have never heard this album, please check it out. Play Deep has the most popular Outfield song, Your Love.

Hits: Your Love, Say It Isn't So, Mystery Man.

Format: Vinyl - CD

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