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Day 7 & 8 Jimmy's Music Collection

It has been a busy 4-day stretch, and I have not been able to get many in. So I am going to join Days 7 & 8. I hope to get back into the groove today.

September 18 & 19 2022

John Fogerty - Centerfield


The boy and I were headed to the Cubs game. What better album to jam on the way down to Wrigley?

Fogerty has a voice that just makes you listen to all the words. I may not always agree with him, but the music, passion, and intent always matter to me.

Hits: Centerfield, Rock N Roll Girls, The Old Man Down the Road.

Format: Vinyl - CD

AC DC - Power Up


They just keep on putting out kick ass music. I had a long drive today and I was trying to overcome roads that put me into panic attacks for years. What better choice then this KICK-ASS album.

AC DC just keeps doing it over and over again. I love this one.

Format: Vinyl - CD

The Killers - Hot Fuss

Welcome to my music world is what I said the first time I heard the killers.

I got to play Somebody Told Me on The Mix when it came out. Day 1 I was a fan. GO SOX.

Hits: Somebody Told Me, Somebody Told Me.

Format: CD

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