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Day 5 - Jimmy's Music Collection

Friday was NEW WAVE day! I have a busy weekend coming up, but I hope to have some entries. I hope you all have a great weekend. September 16, 2022

Howard Jones - People

I am a huge Howard Jones fan. People is a nice album, but at this time HO-JO was not being played on the radio. It's a shame.

Howard is still making music and more will come soon.

Format: CD

​New Order - Brotherhood

Another New Wave Fav of mine.

Brotherhood came out in 1986. The album is a fun listen and has the hit Bizarre Love Triangle, but not the version I love. That will come soon.

Format: Vinyl- CD

​Duran Duran - Seven and the Ragged Tiger.

If you are looking for a hit packed album from Duran Duran, this is it!

Hits: The Reflex, Union of the Snake, and one of my all time favorites New Moon On Monday.

Format: Vinyl - CD

INXS - Listen Like Thieves

This 1985 album was really the one that kicked off a run of solid chart performance for INXS.

Hits: Title Track, What You Need, This Time

Format: Vinyl - CD

Men at Work - Contraband: The Best Of

I love Collin Hay's voice. I have a bunch of his solo work and it is amazing.

Men At Work had a great run of hits in the early '80s like Down Under, Who Can It Be, It's A Mistake and my all time favorite Overkill.

Format: CD

Various - New Wave Hits of the '80s Vol 2.

I needed a compilation today. I have several in the series and today I reached for Vol 2.

Hits: Pop Muzik - M, Love Will Tear Us Apart - Joy Division, I Don't Like Mondays - The Boomtown Rats, Vienna - Ultravox, and more.

Format: CD

U2 - The Unforgettable Fire

1984's U2 smash album has my favorite song of all time on it. It's a solid album with many radio hits, but the whole album is just one big hit. This one always has me thinking, What happened to U2.

Hits: Title Track, Pride (In The Name Of Love), and my all time fav Bad.

Format: Vinyl - CD

Anything Box - Peace

I love this album. This 1990 release was toward the end of the New Wave Genre and was entering the New Wave Dance Genre. This one was big on the college station Energy 88.7 in Chicago.

Hits: Living In Oblivion, Kiss Of Love, and Jubilation. This one is a fun listen and will keep you moving.

Format: Vinyl - CD

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