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Day 1 - Of Jimmy's Music Collection

I have started listening to my entire music collection. The rules are pretty simple. I am going to listen all full length albums in their entirety. If I have the album on multiple formats I will only listen to it once.


First up today was Eddie Vedder's Third Studio album Earthling.

This album is a very easy listen and my fav tunes are Long Way,The Dark, and Picture with Elton John.

Format: Vinyl

I am a sucker for​ a good Romantic Comedy. When this movie and soundtrack came out in 2001 I was hooked. This was the first time I heard a John Mayer

Format: Vinyl and CD

I am a huge fan of Depeche Mode and anytime I can find the old stuff on vinyl I pick it up. I got this one a week ago. This 1981 release has the tunes New Life, and Just Can't Get Enough. There will be more Depeche Mode on other days.

Format: Vinyl

Ozzy can still do it. His 13th release is Patient Number 9. This album teams Ozzy up with rock legends and delivers all the way. Parasite is catchy and a true single. I love Ozzy and was worried this album would not be good. I was glad I was wrong. Kick Ass Ozzy at his finest.

Format: Vinyl

I fell in love with this CD back in 1990 when I worked at WMWA in Glenview.

Always with Me, Always with You is my favorite from the release.

Format: CD

I was tanking a bit after lunch and needed a big pick my up. I am a huge fan of 90's Dance Pop. This CD is jammed with REMIX hits like Lovefool, How Bizzare, Da Dip, and more.

Format: CD

This is the 2nd Human League Greatest Hits CD I own. They are pretty much this same, but this one has the early 90's hit Tell Me When. The song was a stiff in 1994, but I love it.

Format: CD

This one just came out on Friday. I am a huge fan of Jessica Lynn. She has amazing talent and a work ethic lost on most. She is everywhere on social promoting, playing shows, hosting live chats. Lone Rider is a fun and excellent release. The title track is amazing, I love Now or Never, and Getaway Car.

Format: iTunes MP4.

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