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Daryl Hall John Oates - So Close

It's your friend Jimmy back with another song of the day!

I wonder why I write this blog. Is it my love for music, or is it therapy for me? Music has always been an important part of my life. I was seven when I knew I wanted to do something around music for my career. I was never interested in creating music, but talking and sharing music from amazing talent like today's pick. I was lucky enough to live my dream of being a Radio DJ in the 90s and early 2000s. However, that dream was short-lived due to the emergence of Corporate Radio and consolidation. The business was changing; I was engaged and wanted to start a family after getting married. I knew my dream would not be a way of making a living in the future. Some might say I was So Close, yet So Far Away!

I picked today's song because it sums up my journey: I have always been So Close. Daryl Hall and John Oates are the most successful duo of all time. Their hits in the 1970s and 80s are too many to list, but you know and love them. We entered the 90s, and H&O released the single "So Close," produced by Jon Bon Jovi, as the first single from the duo's fourteenth studio album Change of Season. The song reached #11 on the Hot 100 and was the last Top 40 hit for the boys. (Damn, the music changes of the 90s). I have always loved this song, the single, and the acoustic version that begins the video below.

"So Close" speaks to me deeply. The world is filled with negativity, anger, violence, and hate 24/7. There is also love and joy, like the joy of hearing a song like "So Close." When the song starts, you know you are in for some Hall & Oates magic. I will not lie; I am going through something right now. I don't know what, but it's something. I will be 52 in a few weeks and feel "So Close" again but So Far Away!

I will not get into the current issues between my favorite singers of all time. It saddens and angers me that we probably will never see Hall & Oates perform together again. I was lucky to see them with Tears for Fears a while back, and it was amazing. The world is going to shit, and I am not sure if a world without Hall & Oates is a good thing. I pray that Daryl and John can figure it out and not give up on each other or the music. I have not given up on me; can they do the same? Again, I'm not sure why I write this blog, but I feel a little better.


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