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Daryl Hall John Oates - One on One

I am a huge fan of Hall & Oates and have been since I first heard of Private Eyes. There are so many great songs from the best Pop Duo EVER, but today, I chose a nice, easy, mellow track for your Friday.

One on One is a smooth song that reaches into your soul and makes you long for that one-on-one time with someone, anyone. The lead single from their eleventh studio album, H20, released in 1982, reached #7 on the Hot 100. This song was a staple on WLAK FM, the station my mom listened to. I grew up on what is now called Yacht Rock, but I loved it. If you continue on this journey with me, you will find out.

This masterpiece showcases Daryl and John's vocal performance. This is a deep, soulful track filled with classic H&O hooks. "Oh, oh I can feel the magic of your touch And when you move in close, a little bit means so much Ooh yeah, you've got to understand baby Time out is what I'm here for" What a classic lyric! Time Out is what I'm here for. It is amazing how the touch of a special someone can make things all better. One on One has us yearning for a touch, a glance, a kind word, and love. I hope you get the Time Out this weekend, and I think we all need it.


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