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Buster Poindexter - Hot Hot Hot

We are back after a long weekend vacation. Since my last post, it has been HOT.

Today's Song of the Day is by the incredible Buster Poindexter. In 1987, American musician David Johansen, under the stage name Buster Poindexter, released a cover version of "Hot Hot Hot" with a distinctive big band arrangement. This rendition brought the song to an even wider audience, particularly in the United States, where it became synonymous with summer fun and party scenes. Buster Poindexter's version gave the song a retro, lounge vibe that contrasted with the original's calypso roots but retained its infectious charm.

I have always loved this version of the song, and I love a mean conga line with this song playing. The track hit #45 on the Hot 100 but is way more popular than its chart position.

Stay cool and enjoy some great tunes on The Variety Station.


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