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Bruce Hornsby & The Range - Every Little Kiss

Today would have been my Dad's 79th Birthday. We lost him 24 years ago at the young age of 55. In the last year of his life, he discovered Napster (ah memories), and he began downloading songs to download them. However, he always told me about Bruce Hornsby's song, Water Town, which he could not find. I would ask him what other lyrics he could give me, but he said Water Town. I had mentioned "Every Little Kiss" as the song he was searching for, but again, I was met with Water Town. My dad had his chosen few songs (as mentioned in April) but was not good at song names. Water Town, the song is called Water Town, he kept saying.

"Every Little Kiss" was the lead single from the successful debut album "The Way It Is." Today's song was not a huge hit on the Hot 100, as it stalled at #72, but it was a #14 hit on the Mainstream Rock chart. The song was not a massive hit, but it is one of the band's most recognizable tracks. The opening piano always signals to me that my Dad is watching. I know the song is played daily on AC and Classic Hits Radio, but when I hear it, I feel Big Mike saying hello.

Now, I finally had gone over to my parents with the CD. I put it in his CD player. I selected Track #2 and hit play. When the piano starts, my Dad starts screaming Water Town, this is Water Town. I looked at him and said, "Every Little Kiss," this is "Every Little Kiss."

I miss that guy so much. Happy Heavenly Birthday, Dad.


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