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Dan Sweeney's One Hit Wonders

Catch Dan Sweeney and 2 hours of One Hit Wonder goodness. The show airs every Sunday 10a - 12p CT with a replay Wednesday 8p-10p CT.

Ike Avelli

I got to talk with Ike when I was on a podcast. Ike is a funny mo-fo! Check him out on his site and all the podcasts he is on.

Music Master

The Software that makes us sound so so good.

Station Playlist Studio

The software that runs this awesome PC of joy!


The best Sound Processing on the market. This what makes sound like a 50,000 watt torch.

Who Are These Podcasts - WATP

I love this show. Karl is a genius and he has a very honest, but brutal take on Podcasts. I think I know a show to recommend or maybe 2 soon.